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What does breathing retraining involve?

Initial Contact / Consult:
A brief phone or email discussion to learn client needs, discuss options, and arrange session dates / times

First Session:
Learn the reason(s) for breathing disorders, and why restoring functional breathing works. The breathing disorder(s) is / are discussed, an  assessment and series of minor tests are performed. In the process we obtain  biomechanical, biochemical, and psychophysiological feedback to discover the pathophysiology of the dysfunctional breathing. The findings are used to tailor a training plan. The first set of exercises is taught and demonstrated, as well as beginning the task of eliminating barriers to functional breathing.
In cases of sleep disorders, additional exercises will be incorporated to strengthen upper airway muscles, and / or correct tongue posture.

Second Session:
Assessment and measure of progress from first session plan of action,  discuss any questions, re-visit prior exercise(s) to ensure proper technique and understanding, learn and demonstrate a second set of exercises.

Third Session:
Assessment and measurement of progress, discuss any questions, re-visit prior exercise(s) to ensure proper technique and understanding, demonstrate a third set of exercises.

Fourth Session:
Assessment and measurement of progress, discuss any questions, learn and demonstrate the final set of exercises.

Fifth Session:
Measure progress, discuss any questions, discuss dietary and lifestyle changes, review prior exercise(s) to ensure proper technique and understanding, continued reinforcement of positive change.

Because dysfunctional breathing can result in anxiousness and  / or anxiety, calming techniques are also taught. 

* Follow up is done as needed, usually at no additional charge, either by email, phone, or web meeting. If further training sessions are required, they will be billed on a per session basis. 


Testimonial: Tim Brown (Cincinnati)

I have been engaged in exercise since high school. I began to play racketball at age 25, playing into my mid 50's. I have always enjoyed jogging and participating in 5K's, 10K's, and half marathons. About 5 years ago, while running at a challenging pace, my breathing slowed down, and I became breathless. After resting for a month, I tried to start back up, with the same result. For the next 4 years, I searched for answers to the problem.

Eventually,  a physician told me I suffered from exercise induced asthma. I was put on rescue and maintenance inhalers, but every time I tried to start my running, my breathing got impaired for a month.

Finally, I came upon a book describing my breathing problems and found that the Buteyko method could possibly help. I searched the Buteyko Clinic website and found Greg Rittenhouse was practicing in Ohio. There was a fee for the training, but Greg is so dedicated and sincere in wanting a positive outcome for me, that he made himself available anytime I had a question, or needed help. It has been more than one year since my initial visit with Greg, my control pause (a measurement used in Buteyko) has quadrupled, and my jogging has returned to grand style. Miracles still happen.

Rates per session

​Initial Consultation: allow 1.5-2 hours - $150

​Each session thereafter: allow 45 minutes to 1 hour - $75

Full training (5 sessions): $450.00


Group rates are also available. 

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