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Tech Tools that Provide Simple Solutions for Senior Health

Taking care of your health means making the right lifestyle choices and finding the best health care coverage. For seniors, this can seem pretty complicated as plans and personal needs often change. Thankfully, technology provides some terrific tools for staying on top of it all. Here are a few you should check out, courtesy of Andrea Needham of

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Lifestyle Choices

Two of the most important lifestyle choices you can make are diet and exercise. With age, caloric requirements lessen, but not nutritional ones. That means you need to make sure every calorie counts. Healthline recommends a balanced, nutritious diet consisting of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and light dairy products.

To ensure you keep on top of your intake, you can use an app like flip50 which helps subscribers balance exercise, nutrition, and rest. It asks a few questions about your food, rest, and fitness habits. The app then produces weekly plans customized to fit your lifestyle. If you follow the plan, you will have balanced meals with time for exercise and rest. flip50 has gym affiliations that you can use if you'd rather exercise in a group.

If things seem a little dull in the kitchen or familiar tools are getting challenging, seniors can add kitchen gadgets that keep them cooking up a storm, like jar openers that help aging hands and mini choppers that make food prep a breeze. There are even talking microwaves with helpful reminders and instructions.

Exercise can be challenging, too, but it shouldn't eliminate your activity. Seniors who don’t drive or who prefer to stay home can put together an indoor fitness routine, and you can stay on top of your progress with an activity tracker.

It can also help to put your phone to work. For instance, if you enjoy getting out but walking gets boring, try the app Map My Walk. With this app, you can find new routes and save them as favorites. Log your walks and watch your progress!

Similarly, the SilverSneakers GO app has multiple programs you can tailor to your fitness level. Whether you are looking for strength, flexibility, or mobility programs, the app has easy-to-follow instructions. You can even modify the exercises to fit your comfort level.

Next up, seniors who want to dabble in yoga can try Yoga Studio, which offers an extensive library of yoga and meditation videos. Gaiam points out that the app lets you create your own sequences. The library holds over 250 poses, from which you build your routine. If you aren't into creating a routine, you can search for classes based on duration, ability, and intensity.

Finally, it’s not something we often think about, but our breath and breathing are critical parts of our health. Apps like Breathwrk offer breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and prepare for sleep, but sometimes our breathing can become dysfunctional. When that happens, it’s important to work with professional help to restore healthy breathing function.

Healthcare Choices

Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans include Medicare Part A and B benefits. The Advantage Plans may also include Part D for prescription drugs. Part C plans provide healthcare coverage to enrollees through private insurance companies. These companies are under contract to Medicare to offer a set of benefits. However, Part C may consist of incidental services such as dental or vision benefits. If offered, these services are provided through private insurance companies for an added premium.

Basic Coverage

Medicare Part C includes Medicare Part A for hospital costs incurred in an inpatient health care facility. Medicare Part B is insurance that includes coverage for outpatient services such as doctor appointments, medical tests, and in-home medical equipment. Be sure to check that your healthcare providers are in the plan you select. Medicare Part C requires payment of the Part B premium.

Extra Benefits

Added benefits are available for vision, dental, and audio health services. The extra benefits under Part C may require an additional premium. Some plans provide transportation services and in-home support, and some plans even cover telehealth services.

Seniors can put tech to work with their Medicare options as well, since the government has an app called What’s covered that simplifies enrollment and planning.

Our needs may change as we grow older, but technology can help us stay healthy. Whether through health-related apps or telehealth services, technology can also help us age in place—not to mention maintain that certain lively spark that defines who we are.

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